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The constant improvement in products and services offeredto its customers by VITAL S.p.A. has led the company duringthe year 2011 to enhance the structure and procedures ofquality control, increasing the instrumental equipment andthe technical expertise by recruiting specialized personnel.

The update has covered not only the expansion of metrologyinstruments such as calipers and micrometers but alsothe integration with new equipment of preparation and control.

The company is able to perform autonomously, for example,controls on the hardness of the material using different scalesof reference, to realize metallographic preparations tocontrol the decarburization, check the thickness of galvanictreatment present on the products, in addition to the abilityto control and reproduce, via an optical-digital two-dimensionalmachine, the profile of the products with micrometricprecision.

VITAL S.p.A. also offers its customers the ability to perform,upon specific request, through an ongoing collaborationwith third-party Certified Laboratories, a wide range of testsaccording to different regulatory standards.

Among the services offered by the company, on request at time of order, you can receive Declarations of Conformity to Standards of the products. The same possibility is also reserved to Test Certificates and Analysis Report carried out as specifications required by the customer. The box on the left contains examples of the mentioned documentation.

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