scarica listino

scarica listino


VITAL S.p.A. realizes a high percentage of its turnover through the realization of special products that, in fact, may consist of:

  • Variations of standard products normally sold by the company and for the most part in compliance with national and / or international standards.
  • New Products, based on drawings and/or samples provided by the customers.

prodotti speciali

These products can be realized either by processes of Hot and / or Cold  Forming or by processes of Turning in a wide range of materials, surface coatings  and with the widest selection of packaging.

In addition, thanks to the constant collaboration with local producer, the range of special products is not limited only to special fasteners but it also extended to pre-assembled complex fastenings elements such as, for example:

  • screws with pre-assembled components (washers , plastic and metal parts)
  • anchor plates
  • mounting brackets

The internal procedure of special parts production provides the customers with a high degree of protection, both technical and commercial, since samples for approval are provided before mass production.

In particular, this procedure consists of the following phases:

  • Supply of Technical Drawings and/or special product samples, with a brief description of the use and mounting details.
  • Verification of the customers Drawings and/or Samples, highlighting the "critical" constructive characteristics.
  • Preventive Economic Offer: in the case of existence of an economic convenience, customers can go ahead in next phases.
  • Creation of Technical Drawing by VITAL S.p.A.
  • Provision of Free Samples of the product to be submitted to the customers for Final Approval, as a result of testing in their assembly lines or mounting trials on their products.
  • Realization of the mass production.

The products can also be characterized by particular requirements of testing during production or by special controls performed after production such as, for example: 

  • Selection through optical - digital machines to ensure no external parts.
  • Selection through optical - dsgital machines to ensure compliance with one or more dimensional characteristics in a predefined percentage.
  • Verification of surface coating thickness.
  • Corrosion resistance in salt spray tests.

prodotti speciali

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