scarica listino

scarica listino


Main seat in Pioltello (MI) houses all the company functions and the main warehouse for orders preparation and shipping operations, organized with approximately 13.500 storage locations for EUROPALLLET.

The same building also carries out packaging operations through the use of 2 semi-automatic packaging lines, as well as the good reception from suppliers and acceptance control.

Inaugurated in July 2018 and started up in August, the building is equipped with a modern narrow-lane warehouse system in which, in addition to traditional retractable and frontal fork-lifts, very narrow aisle trucks and order pickers operate.


In addition, in this building a semi-automatic UPC (Under Pallet Carrier) storage system is installed; this allows the intensive storage of about 1.500 Europallets, destined either to supply picking locations for order picker lifts or to be fully addressed to the customer sale.

All logistic activities are managed through the use of departmental WMS warehouse software interfaced with the company ERP.

This system operates with radiofrequency terminals and the use of barcodes, and automatically coordinates all warehouse operations guiding the different fork-lifts inside the product collection lanes.

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